How To Lose Weight Eating Healthy

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  • Patricia Lewis

    Hate is an emotional choice and indicates you're not thinking about this clearly.

  • Deborah Lee

    I suppose it depends on what you like, I hate slice of life, social animes, love animes (some of these can be very good, Clannad: After Story, Ouran high School Host Club) i much rather a magical tale, or a dark story or an epic saga. Anime is an escape from real life i don't really want to be pulled into another one.

  • Elizabeth Turner

    Benten switching sides makes a lot of sense to me personally. A large theme of this show was family bonds, and in the end she decides to return to her original family. Sure, it's not completely spelled out, but all of the pieces are there - her sadness, her hollow desires, and her past behavior.

  • Sandra Mitchell

    Today I learned I'm trans because I pick the girl in pokemon as I think they look better.

  • Michael Campbell

    Someone tells me they don't want me to come to their house?