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Works 2009 Section: Works 2009 MOHAMMED FAIROUZ

No Orpheus

Approximate Duration: Fourteen minutes
Contralto, Cello
Commissioned by Christina Ascher

Piano Miniature #6 'Addio'

Approximate Duration: Two minutes

Symphony #2

Approximate Duration: Seventeen minutes
Chamber Orchestra ( perc./pno./hrp. /strings)
Commissioned by Alea III

Two Venetian Frescos

Approximate Duration: Seven minutes
Flute, Piano
Commissioned by Laura Falzon

We Are Seven

Approximate Duration: Seven minutes
Baritone, Piano


Approximate Duration: Twelve minutes
Clarinet, Viola
Commissioned by Counter)induction for their 11th Season More...

Sumeida痴 Song

Opera in 3 Acts
Approximate Duration: Eighty minutes perc./pno./strings

Ok, Hit, Hit but Don't Run

Duration: Six minutes
Prerecorded electronic sounds
Music to accompany animation by Shadi Habib.
For the 53rd Venice Biennale

Four Critical Models

Duration: Twelve minutes
Alto Saxophone, Violin
Commissioned by the Second Instrumental Unit for David Fulmer and Eliot Gattegno

After the Revels

Approximate Duration: Four minutes
Baritone, Piano
For Kyle Alexander Cronin

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