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Mohammed Fairouz

"The twenty-four-year-old Fairouz (who was present at the event,
and who shyly got up from the audience to take his bows with the
musicians) is obviously very talented, with a distinct musical
voice of his own already."
-Wendy Lesser, The Threepenny Review

"The Borromeo Quartet was back for a 20th- and 21st-century
program at Jordan Hall, leading off with an accomplished recent
piece by the 24-year-old Anglo-Arabic composer Mohammed
Fairouz, Lamentation and Satire, whose two connected
movements expressed those contrasting sentiments and made
them seem inextricable"
-Lloyd Schwartz, The Boston Phoenix

"...Mohammed Fairouz's ambient, aptly titled Lamentation and
Satire, the first part a tone poem whose tensely acidic
counterpoint moved between restrained mournfulness and
full-out grief, the second featuring cellist Yeesun Kim expertly
walking a tightrope between the swirling violins of Nicholas
Kitchen and Kristopher Tong up to a couple of devious false
endings, and a bell-like staccato device on the cello that despite
itself reverted to the anguish and loss of the preceding segment"
-Lucid Culture
Lucid Culture

"Fairouz's juxtaposition (in his solo guitar work Airs) of modal,
Middle Eastern music and strains of Baroque figuration with
modernist techniques in the third movement were subtly crafted
and executed"
-Arts Editor