Follow, Poet Album Cover

Follow, Poet (2015)

Poems and Prayers Album Cover

Poems and Prayers (2014)

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In the Shadow of No Towers Album Cover

In the Shadow of No Towers (2013)

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Native Informant Album Cover Art

Native Informant (2013)

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Sumeida's Song Album Cover

Sumeida's Song (2012)

Critical Models Album Cover

Critical Models (2011)

American Vernacular Album Cover

American Vernacular (2014)

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Exiles' Cafe Album Cover

Exiles' Cafe (2013)

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Five Borough Songbook Album Cover

Five Borough Songbook (2012)

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As It Was, And Will Be Album Cover

As It Was, And Will Be (2011)

Boston Diary Album Cover

Boston Diary (2010)

Album Reviews

  • “There’s an embarrassment of riches on Critical Models, the debut solo album by 20-something composer Mohammed Fairouz. And yet the chamber nature of the record’s six pieces lends an unshakable sense of intoxicating intimacy.” (in reference to Critical Models by Mohammed Fairouz)

    WQXR/Q2 Album of the Week
  • "Mohammed Fairouz alludes to Liberace and Tin Pan Alley in two of his three miniatures…Fairouz’s third miniature, “America never was America to me” reacts to the 50th anniversary of the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech filtered through the events of Trayvon Martin’s murder.” (in refernce to American Vernacular by Mohammed Fairouz)

    Jay Batzner Sequenza21
  • “The Borromeo players achieve the special balancing act of patience and ferocity in Mohammed Fairouz’s Lamentation and Satire, an intensely felt score in which the instruments engage in compelling duos, a fugue of doleful urgency and a farewell utterly bereft of hope.” (in reference to As It Was, And Will Be)

    Donald Rosenberg Gramophone Magazine