Section: Testimonials MOHAMMED FAIROUZ

"It is a rare occasion, in my experience, to see in the works of a young composer like Fairouz such a secure technique (in form and structure, pacing of musical ideas and continuity, as well as orchestration), coupled with a vivid creative imagination. Fairouz's music is intellectually and emotionally challenging and stimulating, with a certain stylistic originality and elegence."
— Gunther Schuller, Pulitzer Prize-winning Composer

"Mohammed Fairouz is an extraordinarily gifted young composer whose music engages the heart as well as the mind. Fairouz has already in his mid twenties , a formidable technical ability in his work and has revealed a highly personal voice . Most impressive of his recent works is a full length opera, Sumeida's Song, which I believe should be heard and seen. In an age in which cynicism is mistaken for intelligence, Mohammed Fairouz is a refreshing antidote to the music of his generation - A true young artist , who I believe has much to say in the years ahead."
— Richard Danielpour, Composer,Professor of Composition
Curtis Institute of Music, Manhattan School of Music

"Mohammed Fairouz has written a powerful first opera. With Sumeida's Song he finds the solution - through individual sounding music and strong unerring drama- to one of the most compelling problems of our time. When Sumeida's Song is premiered, we will be witnessing a major international event."
— Tobias Picker, Composer

溺r. Fairouz is an outstanding person of the 21st century at 22 products and achievements. This man deserves support from all sources. We of the music community will benefit from his unselfish creative generosity.
— Halim El-Dabh,
University Professor of Music - Kent State University

徹ne gets the sense that there may not be a musical endeavor that Mohammed Fairouz cannot master-he is that intelligent and his music is that interesting. Fairouz is the rare composer with an endless imagination one can only wonder how far he will ascend.
— Anthony De Ritis,
Chair of Music - Northeastern University

"The music of Mohammed Fairouz is sensitive, deeply moving, adventurous, and thought-provoking. It demonstrates great expressive power, extraordinary sensitivity to instrumental timbre, structural stylistic range, . This ability to move easily among a broad spectrum of musical languages, and unite them all within a single creative profile, would be noteworthy even in the work of an established elder statesman; it is all the more remarkable in that Mohammed Fairouz is a young man at the beginning of an unusually promising career. He will undoubtedly surprise us all in the years to come."
— Elliott Schwartz- Composer, Author,
Beckwith Professor Emeritus- Bowdoin College

擢airouz creates multiple levels with great assurance and a striking effect. Several of his works are unafraid to show tenderness and direct emotion. This ability to write music that is both serious and emotionally direct is a particularly promising trait.
— Scott Wheeler,Director Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble
Associate Professor - Emerson College

鄭t 22 years of age, Mohammed can demonstrate familiarity with the complete canon of western music from Monteverdi to Elliott Carter. From an early age Mohammed has been in training to become a composer. At 6 years hundreds of exercises in species counterpoint One can see evidence of this background in his present compositions.
— Malcolm Peyton, Professor of Composition
New England Conservatory of Music

熱ohammed Fairouz he is brilliant, quite inventive, extremely knowledgeable not just of the musical career but beyond I strongly feel that he is a powerful young composer revealing to me a very powerful and vivid talent.
— Pozzi Escot, Professor of Composition and Theory
New England Conservatory of Music

"Mohammed first came to my attention through a performance of his Litany here at the New England Conservatory. The piece leapt out at me for the beauty of its sound world, the strength of its personal voice and artful precision with which it was put together. I have since come to know a lot of his music... He has a fine ear, sure sense of form, bold character and a vivid, wide- ranging imagination. Mohammed is going to have a significant career. It is a pleasure for me, early on in that career, to support him as well as to receive his support. Let痴 all keep an eye on this unique artist and person!"
— John Heiss, Director - NEC Contemporary Ensemble,
Professor of Composition New England Conservatory of Music