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Symphony no 5 (2022)

53 minutes
Orchestra (2222.23.timp+2 perc,hp,pno+celesta, hrp, strings)
Commissioned by ADMAF and the London Symphony Orchestra

The Tower of Light (2021)

100 minutes
Orchestra (3322.4331.timp+3 perc,hp,pno+celesta, strings)
Commissioned by the International World's Fair (Expo 2020)

Bhutto (2019)

120 minutes
Opera in 3 Acts
Orchestra (3322.4331.timp+3 perc,hp,pno+celesta, strings)
Commissioned by Pittsburgh Opera and Beth Morrison Projects

Honey River (2019)

7 minutes
Baritone and Piano
Commissioned by Mirror Visions Ensemble

Another Time (2019)

35 minutes
Baritone and Orchestra (3333.4430.timp+3 perc,hp,pno+celesta, strings)
Commissioned by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Evermore (2017)

30 minutes
Baritone, String Quartet
Commissioned by the Aspen Music Festival and School, Robert Spano, Music Director
(Linda and Stuart Nelson)

Diversions (2017)

10 minutes
Chorus (SATB)
Commissioned by Netherlands Chamber Choir

The New Prince (2016)

100 minutes
Opera in 4 Acts
Commissioned by the Dutch National Opera, Amsterdam

Pax Universalis (2015)

8 minutes
Orchestra (3322.4331.timp+3 perc,hp,pno+celesta, strings)
Commissioned by the Santa Rosa Symphony Orchestra

Cello Concerto “Desert Sorrows” (2015)

30 minutes
Amplified Cello Solo and Orchestra (3333.4430.timp+3 perc,hp,pno (celesta), strings)
Commissioned by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for Maya Beiser

GABRIEL (2015)

12 minutes
Solo Cello
Commissioned by Matt Haimovitz

Piano Sonata No. 3, “Proust Among the Nations” (2014)

26 minutes
Commissioned by ROK Inc for Steven Spooner

Kol Nidrei (2013)

6 minutes
Solo ‘cello,  Prerecorded sounds
Commissioned by  Maya Beiser

Piano Miniature No. 13, “America Never Was America To Me” (2013)

4 minutes
Commissioned by Myrna Cook for Nicholas Phillips

Piano Miniature No. 12

3 minutes

Sadat (2013)

Ballet in 5 Scenes
26 minutes
Percussion (xlyophone, marimba, tenor drum, tamborine, chimes) and Chamber Orchestra ( hrn/strings)
Commissioned by ROKI  for Ji Hye Jung

Piano Miniature No. 11, “For Syria” (2012)

3 minutes
Commissioned by the International Beethoven Project, 2012
To the men, women and children who were brutally massacred in Syria

A Source of Light (2012)

15 minutes
Male Vocal Ensemble
Commissioned by Cantus

Piano Miniature No. 10, “Liberace” (2012)

2 minutes
To Steven Blier on his wedding

Posh (2011)

12 minutes
Baritenor, Piano
Song cycle on texts by Wayne Koestenbaum
Commissioned by Roki

Jebel Lebnan (2011)

20 minutes
Flute, Oboe, Carinet, French horn, Bassoon
Commissioned by Imani Winds

Piano Sonata No. 2, “The Last Resistance” (2011)

25 minutes
Commissioned by ROK Inc for Steven Spooner

Piano Miniature No. 8, “Bargemusic” (2011)

2 minutes
Commissioned by Beth Levin

Piano Miniature No. 7 (2011)

2 minutes
For Justin Snyder

AdZel (2011)

12 minutes
Two Bb Clarinets
Commissioned by Adzel for Mariam Adam and Stephanie Zelnick

Native Informant -Sonata for Solo Violin (2011)

25 minutes
Commissioned by RBP Music LLC for Rachel Barton Pine

Tahrir (2011)

12 minutes
Bb Clarinet, Orchestra (,perc,hrp,strings)
For David Krakauer
Commissioned by Cynthia Chan; Pamela Esser; Kaitilin Nicholas; John Griffin; Rueben K. Jenkins and Wayne Leonard; Rina Langer; Duane Lyons; Larry Melniker; John Otis; Martin Reichel; Brian Sands; Ken Tannenbaum; Will Weinstein; Any Chen-Hew Wing to the memory of Herb Greenhut

Meditation (2011)

5 Minutes
Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Amplified Double Bass
Commissioned by the Two Rivers Ensemble

Jeder Mensch (2011)

10 minutes
Mezzo Soprano, Piano
Song cycle on Alma Mahler
Commissioned by and written for Kate Lindsey

Double Concerto, “States of Fantasy” (2010)

25 minutes
Solo Violin, Solo Cello, Orchestra ( /strings)
Commissioned by Ensemble 212 for Nicholas Kitchen and Yeesun Kim as part of the 2010-11 Composer in Residence Program

Ughnia’t Mariam (2010)

5 minutes
2 Bb Clarinets
Commissioned by the Ach-Zed Duo

Rubiyaat (2010)

7 minutes
Tenor, Flute, Cello, Piano
Commissioned by Musical Chairs Chamber Ensemble, Inc as part of the 2009-10 Composer in Residence Program

Furia (2010)

30 minutes
Baritone, Wind Quintet, String Quartet
Commissioned by Musicians For Harmony for Randall Scarlata, the Borromeo String Quartet and the Imani Winds

Three Fragments of Ibn Khafajah (2010)

10 minutes
Soprano, Flute, Guitar, Violin, Cello
Commissioned by the Cygnus Ensemble

No Orpheus (2009)

14 minutes
Mezzo Soprano, Cello
Commissioned by Christina Ascher

Piano Miniature No. 6, “Addio” (2009)

2 minutes

Symphony No. 2 (2009)

17 minutes
Chamber Orchestra (
Commissioned by Alea III

Two Venetian Frescoes (2009)

7 minutes
Flute, Piano
Commissioned by Laura Falzon

We Are Seven (2009)

7 minutes
Baritone, Piano

Sumeida’s Song (2009)

60 minutes perc./pno./strings

OK, Hit, Hit But Don’t Run (2009)

6 minutes
Prerecorded electronic sounds
Music to accompany animation by Shadi Habib.
For the 53rd Venice Biennale

After the Revels (2009)

4 minutes
Baritone, Piano
For Kyle Alexander Cronin

Airs (2008)

11 minutes
Commissioned by David Gutkin

Three Novelettes (2008)

14 minutes
Alto Saxophone, Piano
Commissioned by the and written for Michael Couper

Lamentation and Satire (2008)

10 minutes
String Quartet
Commissioned by the Béla String Quartet

Bonsai Journal (2007)

20 minutes
High Soprano, Piano
Commissioned by Emily Spear

Symphony No. 1, “Symphonic Aphorisms” (2007)

24 minutes
Orchestra ( perc./strings)
Commissioned by the New England Conservatory Composers’ Series Orchestra

Collisions (2007)

7 minutes
Percussion Ensemble

Litany (2007)

6 minutes
Flute Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Double Bass
Commissioned by and written for Nathaniel Chase

Lan Abkee (2007)

5 minutes
Mezzo Soprano, Piano

Piano Sonata, “Reflections on Exile” (2007)

15 minutes
Commissioned by and written for Katie Reimer

Two Short Diversions (20