Jeder Mensch

Mohammed Fairouz (2011)

  1. The Eternal Source
  2. Today I Realized Something Very Strange
  3. The Celebration of the Spirit

Jeder Mensch was commissioned for, inspired by, and is dedicated to my friend Kate Lindsey

Jeder Mensch Texts:

I. The Eternal Source

典oday I know the eternal source of all strength. It is in nature, in the earth, in people who don稚 hesitate to cast away their existence for the sake of an idea. They are the ones who can love. I go on living with my face lifted high, but with my feet on the ground where they belong.

II. Today I Realized Something Very Strange

典oday I realized something very strange. I am not happy and not unhappy. It came to me suddenly that I am living what only appears to be a life. I hold so much inside of me, I am not free I suffer but I don稚 know why or what for. My ship is in the harbor, but it has sprung a leak.

III. The Celebration of the Spirit

敵ustav Mahler from the struggles of abstraction, Oskar Kokoschka, the genius, Walter Gropius, the improviser of cultures and wills And Joseph Fraenkel, the genial improviser From Walter I want children from Oskar, works from Fraenkel, the celebration of the spirit that he never offered me. I wish that Fraenkel had moved into my house to live the rest of his life with me. — from the Correspondence and Diaries of Alma Mahler

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