Lullaby Section:Works MOHAMMED FAIROUZ

"Tahwidah (Lullaby)"

from A State of Seige Mahmoud Darwish (2002)

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Mohammed Fairouz (2008)

If you値l not be a rain, my love,
then be a tree
drenched in fertility be a tree
and if you値l not be a tree, my love,
be a rock
drenched in humidity be a rock
and if you値l not be a rock, my love,
be a moon
in the sleep of lovers be a moon
(This is what a woman told—her son at his funeral)

translated from the Arabic by Mohammed Fairouz (2008)

Tahwidah was commissioned by Alwan for the Arts
for Christine Moore and Kinan Azmeh

The text of the poem
in the Arabic Original

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