Piano Sonata #2 "The Last Resistance"

Mohammed Fairouz (2011)

  1. The Last Resistance
  2. Retro Recollections on 21st and 8th
  3. Freud Goes to Abu Ghraib
  4. Men and Women in Dark Times

Piano Sonata #2 "The Last Resistance" was commissioned by ROK Inc. for Steven Spooner and is dedicated to Steven Spooner and Jacqueline Rose

Piano Sonata #2 "The Last Resistance":

"My Second Piano Sonata 典he Last Resistance takes its title from Jacqueline Rose痴 collection of essays. This four movement work engages the spirit of the post 9/11 essays by portraying the prophecy of difficulty of times ahead in the first movement, a representation of post 9/11 Manhattan in the second, a lamentation in the third movement (擢reud Goes to Abu Ghraib); and a vicious finale featuring musical portraits of men and women in dark times."
- Mohammed Fairouz

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